Bows & Braces Terms & Conditions

Please note your booking can be made via our website
Note cheques are not accepted.

Fees are not refundable if you cancel your stall or do not show
You may not transfer your pitch to another date or trader.

Beaulieu Trading:
This is an outdoor event and will continue come rain or shine
Pitch fee will include two adult trade passes & two child trade passes if needed.
Additional passes can be purchased at a reduced rate on the website.
Size and positioning of the stall is down to Bows & Braces
No items to be displayed outside the pitch size/area booked or in the walkways
Setup will be on the friday & saturday morning
You must set up your stall & be ready for trading by 9.30 am on the day of the event
Traders turning up after 8.00am will forfeit their stall (your pitch, will be used by other traders and no refund will be given).
Traders not attending Bows & Braces events without notice will be removed from our trading list.
We ask that no one begin to pack up before 4pm and this results in complaints from people that arrive in the last hour. This is really damaging to the events reputation and also contravenes health and safety for the people at the event.
Traders will be expected to be off site no later than 9pm, no camping will be available on Sunday
Bows & Braces pride themselves in providing quality stock at their events. Original Vintage / Retro items, no later that 1989 must be on sale or you could be asked to withdraw items from your stall.
Note: We will be excepting vintage inspired fashion and wares, up-cycled goods/items made from vintage goods and food items e.g.; Traditional sweets, pickles at the Vw & Hot Rod Weekend
All items should be in clean, saleable condition.
To keep a good mix of vintage at each fair a limited amount of each vintage style: clothing, Jewellery, Ceramics, Fabric, Kitchenalia, Toys etc will be able to attend
The organiser does not except liability for loss damage or theft of stock & personal belongings
You are responsible for your own stock & safety at our events; we recommend that you have public liability insurance to cover your stock.

Will not be available at this event, unless arranged prior to booking. All items used by you needing electricity, should have a current PAT test certificate and carry the PAT test label, you may be asked to supply details by Bows & Braces or Beaulieu Events before use at the event. No electric cables must be allowed to cross gangways, pathways or exits.

The event fields are grass and as such are uneven and have slight gradients in places. Care must be taken when loading/unloading vehicles.

This can be arranged for traders on Friday & Saturday only. The cost will be included in the pitch fee. All campers will need to be in receipt of a trader pass or advanced ticket purchase. Note: camping will not be available on Sunday. Advanced notice of camping will be required.

Please remove all litter produced by your stall, leaving your area as you found it.

Health & Safety
Beaulieu Events have a comprehensive health and safety document when you agree to trade with Bows and Braces at the Classic Car & Hot Rod weekend you will automatically agree to comply with the Health & Safety policy and Event regulations of Beaulieu Enterprises.

Beaulieu Events Health & Safety Document
Traders and exhibitors wishing to attend a Beaulieu Event are required to complete the Health & Safety documentation.
It is a requirement for all exhibitors to carry out an assessment of risks that are created as a result of their activities, which could affect the health, and safety of themselves, their employees and anyone else (such as contractors, helpers and members of the public etc).
The risk assessment should take account of significant risks that are created during event set up, the duration of the event and any activities during event break down.

When completing your assessment remember:
• A hazard is anything that may cause harm, e.g. objects left in walkways, trailing cables, the layout of your display.
• The risk is the chance that someone may be harmed by these or any other hazards.
You should complete a risk assessment that details the significant risks posed by your operations covering set-up, the event and closure.

The onus is on you to ensure suitable and sufficient controls are implemented to reduce those risks. You will need to have this assessment available on your stand throughout the duration of the event.
If an accident or incident occurs, the Investigating Authorities will ask to see evidence of a risk assessment, to satisfy themselves that the person(s) responsible have taken all reasonable measures to control these hazards and risks.
To help you we have prepared the checklist below. Although not exhaustive, it outlines some of the more common hazards.
Please indicate those issues that are applicable to your stand.

Identify potential hazards, which could harm exhibitors/visitors/Beaulieu staff/contractors

Slips / Trips on: Items protruding into gangways
Power cables crossing gangways
Electrical: Power cables
Power tools
Adverse Weather: Gazebos, plastic coverings etc flying off in the wind
Unloading / Loading: Objects falling from heights
Objects falling from vehicles
Other Hazards: Carrying heavy objects
Power cables
Coverings becoming loose
Sharp objects
Heating / cooking equipment

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure suitable and sufficient controls are implemented to reduce those risks Identifed.